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We feel it is important to document and keep a living record all of our projects. We want to remember everything from the challenges to the heart felt moments. But most importantly, we want a record so we can always look back and see the impact we have made.


Below you will find all of our projects that we have participated in to make a change!!

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Team Eddie

Our local egg seller named Eddie Armstrong was always in the back of our minds, and as he got older we began to think of him more and more. We would come to visit him and cheer him up on his birthday and on Christmas. He would tell us stories of how his father wrestled a bull, what living on a farm was like, and how he delivered milk as a child. He loved fruit and every-time we would visit him he had a big bowl of fruit right next to him. Sadly, he passed on December 19, 2022 just a couple weeks after his 88th birthday. We miss him dearly and really tried our best to cheer him up during the last months of his life.


MLK-NOSH Day of Service

The Glen Cove Middle School hosted a MLK remembrance day that had singers, dancers, and much more. We set up a table for donations and packed them into over 500 separate bags for families in need. We took the day to pack these meals, and even got assistance from people participating in the assembly behind us! Each bag had enough food for 2 meals each, so that means that we packed enough food for 1000 meals.

MLK DOC.heic



Men's Shelter
Art Installation

During the month of March 2023, we moved our meetings to the Men's Shelter and worked with them to create their own canvas. Our mission was to give them the space and supplies to create a canvas that accurately reflected what they want the world to know about them. We plan to have a show in the spring of 2023 and perhaps take it on the road!


DUO Celebration of Service

On June 11, 2023, we invited our friends and family and our new friends at the Men's Shelter to all come together to show off all the hard work we had done at DUO all year. It was a wonderful afternoon of reflection.


2023 & 2024
Field Work

We decided that 2023 & 2024 was all about Field Work. Every DUO member has a voice and brings a new idea about how we can make changes and INSPIRE others in our community.

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